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What can Cornerstone Tax Resolution help me with?

The simple answer is to refer you to the Tax Problems area of our website. There you will find specifics. But the real answer goes much deeper than that: The IRS is the largest collection agency in the world and is backed by the power of the Federal government. At Cornerstone Tax Resolution we represent your interests and your family. We protect your rights and treat you as if you’re our only client. This is our pledge to you and is reflected all the way from our fee structure to the attitude you’ll find everywhere at CTR. Many of the basic answers to IRS problems are the same and anybody that promises miracles probably isn’t being truthful with you. At CTR we do not sell products, we provide options and real solutions.

Who qualifies for this tax relief service?

Every taxpayer will qualify for some part of the services we offer, from individuals to corporations. Based upon your specific challenge, you will be assigned a tax professional who specializes in that area. And believe this: We’ve seen it all! Your specialist then crafts an efficient and effective solution, as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

How much time does it take to resolve my tax problems?

This depends upon the complexity of the case, nonetheless it generally takes between 2 to 3 weeks to as much as several months. We can easily speed things along, but don’t forget we are on the IRS’s timetable as well. The most accurate statement is actually this: Because we treat each and every client as though they are our only client, we will resolve your tax situation as quickly and efficiently as possible, and we are consistently faster and more thorough than any other company in the industry.

Once I start working with CTR, will the IRS continue to contact me?

No. All IRS communication will go through our office, and we’ll keep you informed. No more fear of going to the mailbox or answering the door. You can get back to the business of living, free of stress. If negotiations are involved in settling your debt, we’ll keep you apprised every step of the way.

How do I stop the IRS from levying my accounts or seizing my paychecks or going after my other property?

The first thing we do when you become our client is to stop all IRS collection activities. Clear enough? All IRS collection efforts stop and are put on hold while we get up to speed, on the specifics of your case so that we can negotiate the best possible outcome of your particular issues. We will keep your assets safe.

What States do you work in?

We serve taxpayers in all 50 States. We are located a short distance from a major IRS Service Center and are able to assist our clients effectively without compromising the personal touch.

What are your fees? How much will this cost me?

Of course, this depends on the complexity of the case and what we have to do. We offer only flat fees, no retainers, no billable hours, etc. One flat fee and you’ll know to the nickel how much our services cost! You’ll be pleased and surprised just how flexible and affordable we are. We are the best in the industry! Call us, we’ll prove it!

There are a lot of tax companies out there. How do I choose one?

Read the “About Us“section found elsewhere on this website for detailed information about Cornerstone Tax Resolution and why we’re considered the most innovative, economical and competent tax resolution firm in the nation. Give us a call and speak with one of our professionals. The difference will be clear to you right away.

I already have a CPA/Attorney helping me. Why do I need CTR?

Lawyers deal with specific areas of the law. Remember that we’re dealing with Collections at the IRS and the negotiations are administrative and not judicial. You need a trained negotiator to represent your interests and keep your issues out of court. Also, because dealing with the IRS regarding tax matters is all we do, we’re much more inexpensive. And, regarding CPA’s, most deal with audit defenses and filing returns. They typically have little experience with Collections. And, again, price, is a factor. We’re specialists, this is all we do!

Is there a solution that will allow me to sleep peacefully and stop stressing out about this?

Absolutely. Call us and we’ll prove it. But, time is a critical factor here. The IRS isn’t going away. Don’t put this off any longer. Call a tax specialist at CTR. You’ll be glad you did. We guarantee it!